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Here you will find multiple rooms for all of your oekaki and drawing needs, based on OekakiBBS, PaintBBS and Oekaki Poteto. The oekaki boards are divided by quality of art and theme (such as realism, furries, etc.), there's even an oekaki board called the Dojo where you can host and participate in contests!

You may want to try draw in real-time with your friends in one of our PaintChats boards or work with a specific artist in one of the collaboration rooms. Upon joining, you will also have the ability to enter the chatroom, usually teeming with life 24 hours a day. Most boards are for all ages, though we do have a few rooms reserved for adults over 18. Please be sure to visit the ads of our sponsors, if you see something of interest. These ads will help pay for the entire site. However, before drawing be sure to read the FAQ!

Please note that all images are the property of OekakiCentral and their respective artists. Images drawn here may not be reproduced without the written consent of the original artist.


KODAMA no nikki: Sedin Saga

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Jason Terlecki

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MainHall, Scratching Post, Tennis Court, Coloring Book [ leave of absence ]
Grimoire, Jewelry Box, Zoo
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Farm, Ping Pong Table, Backyard
Cindy Brock
Grimoire, Dojo, Copy Room
Stove, Mousetrap, Study
Atrium, Patio
Training Grounds, Nebula
Theather, Stove
Backyard, Jewelry Box, Training Grounds
Patio, Mirror Room
Theater, Calendar
Mirror Room, Stove
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Minimum Requirements:
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Oekaki Boards
0 Star Rooms
3 Star Rooms

The Scratching Post

A CatGirl exclusive room. A place to find beautiful Neko-Chans. Nudity allowed. NO HENTAI.

Skill Level: and up

The Tennis Court

A Collaboration Exclusive room. A HIGHEND collaboration room, with special oekaki code done by Uriel himself to allow 2 persons to work on the same piece.

This is for advanced users only.

Skill Level: and up

2 ½ Star Rooms

The Coloring Book

A fill'em up drawing board
This room is a hybrid room skill level room where linework can be donated and artists can color it. Unlike a collaboration room, artwork can be shared by more than 1 person. Linework must be rated at 3 stars and coloring rated at 2 stars. Please be sure to read the warning at the top of the board.

Line Art Skill Level: and up. Coloring Skill Level: and up.

2 Star Rooms

The Patio

Your average oekaki. Draw anything you want but stay within the general rules. This is for average skill artists.

Skill Level: and up

The Atrium

A non-anime oekaki. Draw anything you want, as long as it is not influenced by anime and you stay within the general rules. We recommend that you draw realism in the Mirror Room instead of this room. This is for average skill artists.

Skill Level: and up

The Theater

A Fan-Art Room. This is an fan-art exclusive oekaki board. Feel free to draw pictures of your favorite characters. Please have the courtesy to indicate which reference you used, if you did use one.

Skill Level: and up

The Stove

A bishounen oekaki board. Come and GET THEM. HOT HOT HOT BISHIES, Come and GET THEM!!!!

Shounen-ai permitted. Yaoi not.

Skill Level: and up

The Jewelry Box

A bishoujo exclusive room. A room where you can find the loveliest of ladies.

Shoujo-ai permitted. Yuri not.

Skill Level: and up

The Backyard

A furries board, for people who want to draw anthropomorphic characters at their best. No porn allowed (nudity permitted)

Skill Level: and up

The Mirror Room

Realism Only! Still life, portraits and all kinds of realistic drawings can be found here.

Skill Level: and up

The Grimoire

A sword and sorcery oriented room. Bring on the dragons, elves and witches or any other faery tale critter.

This is Lord of The Rings or Dungeons and Dragons style

Skill Level: and up

The Calendar

Your weekly themed oekaki.
Each week, the computer picks a theme from a list and proceeds to post it. Users are invited to draw the theme in a imaginative and creative way.

Skill Level: and up
Current Theme: Dragons
Last Theme: The Renaissance

The Nebula

A science-fiction themed oekaki.
This room is dedicated to science-fiction, mecha, starships and aliens people.

Skill Level: and up

The Study

A figure themed oekaki.
This room is dedicated to the artful study of the human body. Please include your reference image if you used one .

Skill Level: and up

1 ½ Star Rooms

The Workshop

A room where users who are near 2 star images can try out and get assistance from Sponsors to improve. Please make sure you read and follow the rules of this room, as they differ slightly from standard rooms.

Skill Level: ½ and up

1 Star Rooms

The Training Grounds

A place for beginners to practice. Doodle + scribble as much as you want on this oekaki board.

If you are unsure where to draw at first, draw here and not in the Patio or Main Hall!

Skill Level: and up

The Mouse Trap

A Neko & Kao Exclusive Room. Draw all the Neko's you want and nothing else! Role-Playing permitted as long as drawings are Neko related.!

Skill Level: and up

The Farm

A Neopets room Draw Neopets and neopets related things all you want.

Skill Level: and up

The Zoo

A room where users can draw animals and creatures of all kinds, such as dragons, unicorns and cute pets (except neopets).

ANIMAL OF THE WEEK: Random animal

Skill Level: and up

The CopyRoom

A copy-oriented oekaki.
This room was created to help users practice their skills by providing them with an image to reproduce as accurately as possible.

Skill Level: and up


The Living Room

A room where you can draw online with other people and chat at the same time.

Skill Level:

The Sandbox

A room where you can draw online with other people and chat at the same time. SHI-CHAT

Skill Level:

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